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Handling Passed Balls

It is certain that no matter how good a catcher is, balls will get past him and roll to the backstop. You can call them wild pitches orpassed balls, but it doesn't make any difference at the time of the play. The important thing is that the catcher knows how to make the play correctly and how to minimize the damage. There are two different game scenarios for a ...

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Evaluating a Catcher’s Throw to 2nd

A catcher's throw down to second base is usually evaluated by determining the elapsed time from the point the pitched ball hits the catcher’s glove, until the ball hits the infielder’s glove taking the throw at 2nd. This time is known as the “Pop Time.” Much emphasis has been put on this time when evaluating High School, College and Pro catchers. In my ...

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The Most Wasted 20 Minutes in a Catcher’s Life

It seems that many players and coaches recognize how little time is allocated during practices for catchers to work on their catching skills, like blocking, exchange drills, pickoff throws, and proper handling of passed balls with a throw to the pitcher covering home plate, just to name a few. Often times it has been said to me that there just isn't enough time ...

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Don’t Ever Let Your Catchers Frame a Pitch

I suspect the title of this article might have got your attention. It would seem that I am advocating having catchers stop doing something that catchers have always been told and taught to do. Actually I am advocating having them use proper receiving techniques, and avoid some of the techniques that have become common place in catching over the years that do not ...

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Blocking Is The Easy Part

It is common knowledge among youth baseball and softball coaches that the one play most responsible for scoring runs is not the blast over the fence or the shot in the gap; it’s the passed ball. As coaches we often find ourselves asking why is it so difficult for our young catchers to keep the ball in front of them. Why do so many balls get by and allow runners ...

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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