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My 10-year-old son has been playing baseball for two years, which in our area equals out to four seasons of play (fall and spring). We play in a "Pony" league and in the Spring the teams are divided into two levels of ability. My son is about to enter his third Spring season and has once again been selected for one of  the "lower level" teams. He loves the game, ...

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Jeremiah I am a 12 year old player who is always told that I am amazing, my dream is too make it all the way to the pros. I am on a high  nationally ranked travel ball team and can play any position. The only bad thing is I don’t have confidence and I don’t have a good arm. Are there any tips you can give me to help not only my arm but also my fielding and ...

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First Year Struggles

Hello, My son is starting little league (after a few years of T-ball) and I am racking my brain during his first year struggles -- which have been hard on him. He's always held a hockey stick left-handed (as I played lefty too), so I had him in T-ball hold the bat/hit left-handed too and did pretty well hitting this way (a good, contact hitter). But unfortunately, ...

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Set Up

Coach, I am coaching a lower division t-ball team that consists of 4 and 5 yr olds, and one 6 yr old.  Most of the teams consist of 9 players.  The league has decided that since my team has 11 players, they have placed us in the upper division.  The ages in the upper division are 5 and 6. You would think it would make us better, but it has made it ...

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Hello, my name is Samuel Tagle and I coach at the high school level. I’ve been curious to know what exactly what weaknesses does a coach/pitcher look for in opposing batters.  If you explain to me.  I feel kinda weird asking this but I really want to get better at assessing the batter so I can be an asset to my team and players. I appreciate the time and hope ...

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Infield Range And How To Improve It

Infield Range And How To Improve It   Great infielders have three things in common.  They are steady with the glove, they have strong arms, and they have good range.  Being able to get to balls other defenders can't get to will separate you from the next guy.  I am going to explain why range is so important.  I will also cover four ways to increase your ...

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