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My son Jake and I first came to meet Dustin in early winter of 2011. We had been working with a few other pitching coaches, but none really seemed dedicated to wanting to see Jake succeed. As a lefty, Jake really needed a lefty Coach for his true pitching perspective. We were introduced to Dustin through our batting club. The manager there told us he had a young up and coming “kid” who was a lefty pitcher in the minors and would work hard with Jake and teach him a thing or two. “Why not” I thought.

Dustin worked tirelessly with Jake weekly, and often twice a week. I watched in amazement how my son’s demeanor, form and delivery took shape and became so routine and so mundanely repetitive . . . . as did his pitches. Jake commanded his pitches throwing solid 4 and 2 seam fastballs, changeup, cutter and a “slurve.” Jake took to Dustin like a big brother and looked forward to his next lesson from the minute we had finished the last one. Dustin had found a place in Jake’s heart and had earned Jake’s admiration.

From the fall of 2011 and through the Spring of 2013 Dustin worked with Jake and has him now throwing fastballs with surgical accuracy cutting the inside and outside edges of the plate at 12 to 14 inches high. His changeup looks like a fastball coming out of his hand and dies just over the plate. His cutter spins across the plate dipping like a sinker. Not unlike Dustin’s own, Jake’s pitches weren’t remarkably fast, but they MOVED! Dustin would frequently remind Jake . . “Anybody can learn to hit a fastball . . . . but few people can master hitting a moving ball, especially when they look like strikes.”

Dustin and Jake became quite the team. Dustin was very proud of Jake, and Jake very proud to be a student of Dustin’s, and especially, his friend. Besides teaching Jake the many fundamentals of pitching, the grips, the arm motions, steps, etc., he also taught Jake WHEN to throw WHAT pitch. He gave Jake the ammunition for his games and taught him the tactics of when to fire it. Dustin’s prepared Jake for what will now be in 2014 his first high school baseball season.

I can’t imagine a more thoughful, personal, knowledgeable or inspiring man to coach a “son” in the art and mastery of pitching. Whether right handed or left handed, Dustin finds the person within the glove to shape, mold, refine and develop into an individual and unique baseball pitcher with poise, control and character and a desire and passion to work hard and succeed. I couldn’t recommend anyone more to provide not only baseball instructions but to also be a life mentor to a young man.

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